6 Ventures Of Virat Kohli That Made Him A Billionaire

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Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketing captain is not only a star player but also a smart investor. The 28 year old cricket sensation holds the second largest brand value after Shahrukh Khan worth Rs. 616 crore. 

With over 20 brand endorsements and his whopping earnings from cricket, Kohli has also been a silent investor who has over the period spread his wings into multiple industries like social media, fashion and sports and fitness. Well, no wonder he is named in the list of the richest sportsmen of the world.

Here’s the list of investments Virat Kohli has made over the years:

1. Indian Super League’s FC Goa

Virat Kohli who has time and again spoken about his love for football became the co-owner of the Indian Super League club FC Goa in 2014. Kohli’s first investment got him less that 25% stake in the team at the cost of less than Rs 1 crore per year.


Virat Kohli entered the world of fashion business with his fashion brand, WROGN in 2014. WROGN has a tie up with Myntra and Shopper’s Stop and is currently successfully selling across more than 75 offline retail outlets. WROGN also launched its Brand Outlet across the country in 2016.

3. Chisel Gym and Fitness Centre

With an investment of Rs. 90 crores in 2015 Virat launched his own chain of gyms, Chisel in partnership with Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, the agency that manages Kohli. 

4. UAE Royals and Bengaluru Yodhas 

Known for his love for sports Kohli invested in UAE Royals, a tennis team and Bengaluru Yodhas, a wrestling team in the year 2015.

5. Sport Convo 

In the late 2014, Kohli announced his association with London based social networking startup “Sport Convo”. He was later announced as a shareholder and a brand ambassador for the startup. 

6. Stepathlon Kids

Stepathlon Kids seeks to tackle fitness issues affecting kids by taking them through to a 30-day pedometer-based virtual race that will help increase awareness on health issues. Kohli, known for his fitness collaborated with Stepathlon Kids in 2016. 

Well a cricketer by passion and a businessman by choice! Way to go Kohli!


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